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Transparency demanded!

The expected return has long since ceased to be the only criterion in an investment decision. For years, private investors have been paying increasing attention to the ESG criteria describing environmental, social and corporate governance aspects. With finsu, the sustainability cockpit of PPI AG, financial institutions have a platform at their disposal with which they can inform end customers as well as asset managers or their own sales department about the ESG parameters of securities clearly, quickly and without great effort.

Investors ask the questions, who will answer?

Sustainability aspects are playing an increasingly important role in the decision to buy shares or fund units. Private investors now look closely at carbon emissions, working conditions or corporate structures based on the rule of law when they invest. However, they find it more difficult than institutional investors to obtain the relevant information. This is shown by various studies on the knowledge about sustainable investments among private investors, which can vary greatly. Keeping up to date on the subject is time-consuming, and private investors in particular often do not have access to reliable information.

Tool offers comprehensible information

The solution is called finsu. PPI AG's web-based sustainability cockpit transparently presents ESG information on a broad spectrum of financial instruments. It ranges from the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the company to the use of pesticides and accident statistics. The customers can easily access all data and thus make an informed decision regarding a future investment. In doing so, they can themselves determine the focal points they attach importance to in their decision. For this, in finsu the end customers can select from the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations those that have the highest priority for them.

Industry comparison

Some industries pollute the environment more than others. A private investor may still want to invest, but to do so as responsibly as possible. With finsu this is made easy since, in addition to the current figures, a classification with regard to the industry benchmark is presented to the user. For example, it is shown which car manufacturer produces the lowest emissions in comparison, has the highest quota of women on the board or invests more in the further training of its employees.

Universally usable

The information of finsu is based on qualitative and quantitative ESG data from Sustainalytics and Morningstar. The application can easily be integrated into existing bank architectures. Financial institutions can thus offer their customers a whole new level of transparency. In addition, the company's own sales force or affiliated asset advisors benefit from the sustainability cockpit. They, too, can of course use the facts presented to access the same information as their customers and thus better answer customer queries.

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