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Liechtensteinische Landesbank has chosen EBICS for payments

Zürich, 6 May 2015 – PPI AG can now also offer electronic data interchange based on the multibank-capable EBICS standard to Liechtenstein. LLB will provide the EBICS interface for corporate clients in the second half of this year. LLB opted for the PPI EBICS/ISO 20022 solution because of its smooth handling of payments with the European business partners and the seamless integration of its security features into the very high security requirements of Liechtenstein. PPI, a business consultancy firm specialised in the banking sector, acts as partner and adviser in modernising the payment systems.

LLB, the oldest multipurpose bank in Liechtenstein, has a long lasting presence in the Swiss Banking Market, also with its subsidiary Bank Linth. As part of the agreed harmonisation of payment systems in Switzerland, LLB has decided to process electronic payments using EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard). Thus LLB has chosen to use a standard which is in the meantime is well established for corporate clients in the financial communities of Germany, France and Switzerland. “We chose EBICS because it facilitates transactions in the eurozone and also meets the latest requirements for secure, state-of-the-art, fast and flexible communication between corporates and the bank”, says Carsten Miehling, CEO of PPI Switzerland.

The EBICS protocol simplifies the pursuit of multi-bank strategies for corporates. Payment authorisation with the Distributed Electronic Signature is among one of the features used and liked by international corporates. “EBICS speeds up payment processing and enables even large amounts of data to be quickly and securely transferred via the internet”, explains Carsten Miehling. “Liechtensteinische Landesbank has chosen the most up-to-date and therefore secure version of EBICS. This means LLB’s corporate clients can be sure that the EBICS interface fulfills all the international directives, particularly those of the SIX EBICS Working Party.”particularly those of the SIX EBICS Working Party.”

LLB’s interface for corporate clients is based on the TRAVIC electronic banking system developed by PPI. Software manufacturers who want to test and integrate this interface should contact Oscar Neira at PPI Switzerland directly at oscar.neira(at)ppi-schweiz.ch.


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