Universal Data Modelling Generator

Data modelling with Eclipse

The Universal Data Modelling Generator (UDG) supports model driven development to generate data definition language scripts for several databases and data model documentation. UDG can be extended to generate any kind of data model related code specific to your projects (i. e. Java classes, XML, Excel-CSV, etc.).

Without any costs your entire data model related code and documentation is always consistent.

Features of UDG
  • consequent single source for the entire generated code
  • small input required
  • code is generated to install a complete new data model or to migrate a data model version
  • generated code and documentation individually configurable
  • easy to start; all functionalities supported by wizards
  • full integration in Eclipse, i. e. example code completion, validation, formatting and other (Java look and feel)
  • extentable for your own code based on the data model
Supported databases
  • DB2 LUW version 9.7 and higher
  • DB2 z/OS version 10.1 and higher
  • MS SQL Server 2008 R2 and higher
  • MySQL version 5.5 and higher
  • Oracle version 11.2 and higher
  • PostgreSQL version 9.0 and higher
Download UDG

To download and install UDG, please fill out the form below. As soon as you submit the data, you are transfered to a page with the instructions.

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